Embattled University of Missouri Professor Rehabs Image

In the blink of an eye a life can change and this is in particularly true thanks to the prevalence of media on the internet. Going viral can change your life in both positive and negative ways and for former Missouri professor Melissa Click, the change was as negative as you could get. This past November Click went viral thanks to her demanding that journalists leave the sight of a protest on campus at Mizzou. Click went over the line when she called for ‘muscle’ and the rest was history. The video went viral, Click was terminated, and the professor’s image was ruined.

Still, Click didn’t want to let the one incident completely ruin her life and so she decided to partner up with Status Labs in order to rehab her image. Status Labs is a public relations firm located out of Texas that has clients all over the globe. Status Labs is led by CEO Darius Fisher and it was Fisher who first went to bat for Click. Fisher has always stood up for people he feels to be ‘wrongly piled upon’ and the CEO felt that Click fit that demographic quite readily.

So in order to kick things off with the growing firm Status Labs both Click and the company decided to get proactive about how they are going to approach their current situation. The most telling way they could address the November controversy is by simply appealing to the truth: Click had a bad day but it in no way identified the real rest of her career. For 12 years Click was a steadfast member of the Mizzou faculty and she has already gotten over 100 different teachers to sign up in support of her. Click has already begun to do the talk show rounds and you can tell that the court of public opinion is beginning to sway.

With that being said there is still so far to go.

Devco Using Private And Public Loans To Develop A Gateway Project In Chelsea

Devco is applying the model that was used by the Brunswick Development Corp in building conference centers and hotel in the Middlesex County. The loan was taken in 2005 apparently has been running over with arrears which the fi owned by Chris Paladino. Apparently huge chunks of money have been used by the company in the project developing amounthhttp://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.htmling to a debt of $7 million which the firm promised to pay in arrears but has not stated yet. The cause of accumulation is said to be the continued negligence of the loan leading to great concerns from the Senate about channeling huge public funds to such great private construction the release was on the Press of Atlantic City.

Devco is a nonprofit organization that keeps track of real estate development in the Atlantic. The firm has been overseeing great deals around Atlantic, which are taking away the properties and public money of people of Atlanta. Currently, it is overseeing a project that has been taking huge money from the pockets of both the public and private with no repayment. People are happy that the organization will help Atlanta from collapsing of poor performing projects which a deteriorating the state of the economy in the area. Devco was established in 1975 as a real estate developer and has been up in spearheading development projects in Atlanta.

Devco has been a great influence on the government and private entities in Atlantic City and has helped widely in the development of the Atlantic City economy. The firm has been the overseer of the industries developed in South Jersey and many citizens agree that it has been a great contributor to the development even while it is a private entity.


Raising Awareness for a Great Cause

There are some problems that seem too big to fix. However, history has shown time and again that when just a couple of people start to solve an issue, many more will get on board. It is not long before the problem is at least being worked on, if not completely solved. One of the problems that New Yorkers often see is many homeless animals in the streets. At times, it may seem that the problem is overwhelming. Even though there are many individuals who are working hard at animal shelters, they even faced many problems. For example, they simply do not have the funding or the space that is needed to care for these animals.

Someone is trying to do something about this problem. Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me page in order to raise $5,000. He is trying to raise awareness about the problems that animal shelters in New York are experiencing and the very dangerous conditions that homeless animals experience when they are not taken care of. When winter temperatures drop below freezing, homeless animals that are not able to find shelter can die. This is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The more people who help raise money for this cause, the more quickly it can be resolved. When a person donates using the Go Fund Me page that has been set up, they can make small donations.

Ross Abelow is concerned about this problem because he has lived in New York City for many years and has seen the problems that animals experience when they are not cared for during the winter months. He also realizes that animal shelters do not have enough space to care for these animals or money to purchase basic things like food and medicine for the animals. He has been working as a family and matrimonial attorney for more than 25 years in the city.

Many New York attorneys try hard to give back to the community in some way or another.  He also gives back to the community by regularly posting free legal help on his personal blog. This blog has benefited many individuals because he provides helpful legal information and also creates posts about financial matters. Individuals can follow him on his Facebook page.

Sam Tabar: The Importance of Management Agreements

Whether it is an individual or a multi-million dollar corporation, having agreements in writing can keep misunderstandings from happening. In addition, it also spells out the expectations that all parties expect from the agreement, making it one which is extremely important. Because there are so many details involved in hammering out these agreements, it’s also important that those who are in charge of these agreements be well-educated. If there is any financial professional who fits this description, it’s Sam Tabar. As one of today’s leading financial professionals, Sam has not only the education needed, but also the personality.

A person who truly enjoys helping others, Sam has chosen to use his education to help others achieve their financial goals. While a student at Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Sam was introduced to a wide variety of people and situations, enabling him to gain an understanding of how one person’s life could be so vastly different from that of another person. Because of this, Sam decided that when he entered the workforce, it would be as an attorney.

Upon receiving his law degree, Sam chose to work for one of the leading law firms in the United States. In his new position, he was given high levels of responsibility when it came to working with clients. Due to his specialized knowledge of contract law as it pertains to employment matters, Sam was put in charge of the firm’s regulatory and compliance division. Working with clients from all over the world, Sam spent his days developing contracts and answering questions as they applied to specific compliance issues and management agreements.

Looked upon by his clients as extremely knowledgeable, Sam nevertheless knew it was only a matter of time before he would use his talents in a different fashion. Therefore, after several years in the legal field, Sam chose to move on to financial analysis and strategic planning. Accepting a position with PMA Investment, he began traveling the world to meet with clients in an effort to help them achieve their financial goals. Whether it was a meeting in Hong Kong or on Wall Street, About.me identifies Sam was always well-prepared and able to answer virtually any question posed to him.  Check out Sam on Instagram to see his amateur photography exploits, otherwise see what he’s doing to make the world a better place on GoFundMe.

A Bouncy Hair Care Share!


The WEN by Chaz infomercials transfix us. Women, some that look like models, others that like a regular girl next store show us what gorgeous hair is all about. Shinier, bouncier, healthier hair from the very first use. What is it and is it that easy?

The product Wen by Chaz is a bit different than what is typically used in the “wash, rinse, repeat” mantra of the daily hair care. It is a formulated cleansing conditioner that has built in styling product. Shampoo is considered too harsh on the hair and scalp. The WEN Hair products comes in a pump bottle available on sephora and the amount needed is determined by thickness and length to suit each person. It is a all in one process that leaves hair clean and ready to be styled.

To see how that works in real life, Emily McClure, has shared a week in her life with Wen on Bustle. Check out her full disclosure, self proclaiming to have hair that falls flat by the end of the day and is on the thin side. She shares before and after pictures of her transition to a cleansing conditioner routine here. Particular telling is the comparison between the amount of shampoo verses cleansing conditioner recommended on the bottles.

Celebrities endorse Wen by Chaz on a regular basis. Anyone can have shiny, bouncy, thick healthy heads of hair. The article shows pictures of Emily’s hair in real life conditions. From the first use, her hair is fuller and shinier.